• Mainly about engagement and collaboration using social media and events, with some asides on living in London. More about David Wilcox and also how the blog started.
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I'm still here! Nice to see DfCS popping up again in my Google Reader!

To be honest I think DfCS is the perfect title for the challenges we are facing at the moment, and for the areas of interest that seem to be cropping up.

But perhaps if you have moved on in your blogging, whatever you write about belongs in the space you're inhabiting now. I've often thought about returning to LGNewMedia for local government social media stuff, but no... best not to go back.

Maybe this is a reason why it's best to blog under a banner that's about yourself rather than a particular topic...means you're free to write about whatever you like!

Thanks Dave - and also picked up the discussion here.
I agree about blogging under a personal banner, which is one reason I moved.
I was wondering whether to using Designing for Civil Society as the banner for a new sort of site with a focus on games and interactive events, linked to howto resources. I could import some stuff from here allowing me to close the Typepad account. Or I do have a neighbourhoods domain ...

Hi David, just signed up to the 'revitalised' site - I would be interested in participating in a space to develop the type of events that might be used to develop civil society - my take would be more focussed around young people though...

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