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Yeh. Just popped over to leave a bit of encouragement. It's going to be a lot easier for us evangelists whipping up the troops for this stuff if their bosses are already on board. Simon at Brook (http://brookcentres.blogspot.com/) has got it and it shows. Talking to the rest of his organisation, there's not the sense that they have to check upstairs of cyncism: "ah it'll never happen". I always say organisations cannot and should not Blog. That's people's job and bosses' too.

Likewise....can only be a good thing...all about the continuity now, as we well know....

Funnily enough I'm talking at the NCVO tomorrow about blogging on the basis of my blogging experience in my day job.

I keep on getting positive feedback from my audience and having seen me do it for three years now my Chief Executive took the plunge recently and seems to enjoy the qualities we all like about blogging.

So it looks like there's a small band of CEO's out in the third sector blogging away. Perhaps Stephen could be persuaded to invite them for a meet-up!

Hi Paul, Nick, Andrew ... quite a blogger convention cheering on bloggerbubb. I wonder if blogging CEO of the RSA Matthew Taylor would host a little get together for us all. RSA is supporting The Membership Project which aims to promote this sort of thing.

Don't know if this would help, but my CEO's a Fellow.

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