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One would hope journalists would agree but speaking as a former hack, those walled gardens are very useful for hiding behind. Makes you feel like an embattled war correspondent, which I guess they are.

Anyway I agree that the RSA would be foolish to try and contain this discussion even if they could. Far better to encourage as wide a conversation as possible. Why not launch a specific tag and then encourage debate anywhere and everywhere and let the tag do the formatting and collecting and connecting. Let the tags form the new walled garden.

If the RSA doesn't do it, someone else will... or already has

Some journalists would agree, David. But the Matthew Taylors and Andrew Keens of this world wouldn't: hence the walled garden.

I would honestly suspect that their motivations lie less in 'the public’s declining trust' than in shoring up old media and having a good ole moan about those damnable bloggers, who have amongst those responsible for that declining trust as they parse media agendas (I just did this on the Obama speech and the BBC's US reporters - lots of people doing this sort of thing is threatening).

Good on you for having a gentle go at them.

Thanks Paul and Paul ... I'm a former hack too, now a social reporter I guess and remember two things used to agitate journalists: hidden places ... nd people talking about the failings of journalists in public. Some tension then:-) What's the tag then? How do we out it?

As I have mentioned, elsehwhere, David, I am right behind you (not in a scary way!).

This is too big and important a discussion to have behind closed doors.

As for a tag, civicjournalismuk seems to be empty on technorati and del.icio.us - maybe use that?

civicjournalismuk sounds good - spread the word

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