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Argh! There's too much going on at the moment! What with this, the BBC civic stuff, RSA... it's all going on!

A think a "big conversation" is needed, at least to share an understanding of where everybody wants to get to... but even the destination cannot be set in stone in this age of constant turbulence.

I think it was Jeremiah Owyang who wrote something like "tools come and go, but the one thing that remains constant is strategy."

But I'm also reminded of Kathy Sierra posing the question: incremental vs revolutionary improvements?

It's as if we're all driving a car down a country lane at night; we can see only as far as our headlights, but we can make the whole trip that way. We need to demonstrate to our passenger that together we can get by the inevitable stones in the road...

Roadmap anyone?


It's all very well having the NHS London piece

If you actually go there


The river of ideas is dominated by viagra and forex currency dealing ?? !!

Not sure what additional light this will shine on health policy

I don't think many people are monitoring the site

If you are going to try to get a public debate going about what it means to be British you need the public to be alerted to the process and engaged with it. It looks as if this process has not been started - certainly I hadn't heard of this proposal until now and a quick search of the BBC's website reveals that nothing has been written about this at all - the only evidence of it is an interview transcript which mentions the project in passing but without any of the context needed to make sense of it .

If that doesn't happen then all we will hear for most of the consultation is the voices of policy wonks like ourselves and various interested parties.

Mind you the Citizen Summit itself if it is done as a deliberately representative physical gathering might more closely approximate a genuine national discussion. Certainly something to watch...

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