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*Very* interesting indeed.

The future is clearly about knowledge networking, not just social networking for it's own sake. The social networking hype cycle is moving on... thank goodness for that!

Well found!

I agree with the freeschool people that f2f contact is vital.

There is another reason to “upgrade” the importance of location online. Coming from a (rural) development/natural resource management background, in my thinking, many issues that need our attention are tied to the land, are localized and need /local/ actors to get involved and undertake collective action.
The tools are developing: postal coded search, google maps will have a role to play, portals, many local initiatives, postal coded E-bay, this freeschool. But starting from /what/ instead of /where/, will organise people thematically again, not geographically.
Instead, what we need is geographical initiatives, with “plug-ins” for ebay, freeschool, etc.
Would you agree, and does anyone know of such applications?

... hmm I think my friend Kevin who has done time online as well as off, might have some ideas on that. I'll try and tempt him over.

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