• Mainly about engagement and collaboration using social media and events, with some asides on living in London. More about David Wilcox and also how the blog started.
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Hi David, thanks for such a rich and interactive summary of the launch.

It was great meeting you yesterday!

David - thanks for bringing this to those of us who couldn't be there. I requested access to the UnLtdWorld beta site a while ago (via your iPhone I believe!), I contributed and I was impressed. Alberto then asked for meeting and I was even more impressed and I am very proud that we (ruralnet|uk) are a launch partner.
UnLtd share our vision and so we will be able to blend services moving forward. This is the start of proper online collaboration for the benefit of civil society.

Hey, we can now read Alberto's posts and shouts, on UnLtdWorld in his wonderful accent!
Richard + Sazzy @ MESOMOCO CIC

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