• Mainly about engagement and collaboration using social media and events, with some asides on living in London. More about David Wilcox and also how the blog started.
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Thanks for an incredibly rich and useful post. Lots to think about here, hope to be back with more useful comments later..

Hi David. As someone who was there and is now being asked "Well what did you talk about?", it's incredibly useful to have such a comprehensive summary of the gathering to point people to. Thanks.

Thanks Simon - when are you bringing http://www.ruralnetonline.org.uk to London (with wine and pizza:-)?

Ah, you rumbled me! I told them all to meet there because it was 'relatively central', not because its right across from my office!

Sounds like a really interesting evening! - thanks for sharing such a comprehensive summary :)

I totally agree with your "suggestion" of looking at ruralnet's open approach as a best practice - Simon is doing some fantastic work driven by a truly open (i.e. innovation) vision.

I guess one question which comes to mind and might be helpful for the Innovation-Exchange to address: is a multi-author blog the most effective way to foster deep cooperation and above all to "find new ways to connect innovators in the third sector with public service commissioners and other investors and help them to work together to develop their work"?

Thanks Alberto. On "is a multi-author blog the most effective way to foster deep cooperation and above all" I guess the answer might be that it is just one of the tools, and I suspect the role of co-odination co-ordinators will be significant. What do others think?

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