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Thanks for the generous comments David and the helpful comparisons. We are cooking with gas over on the co-design site, it never ceases to amaze me how generous people are with their ideas and suggestions . . . :-)

Thanks for the mention (and insightful blog) David.

I'd look to echo your words for the great work that RuralNet are doing, and have been doing for quite some time now.

I'd also like to add on UnLtdWorld, which is still in beta, so lots of tweaking happening - we actually don't want to be a walled garden, as you mention, we believe that open strategically beats closed. We worked quite closely with our early users (mainly UnLtd award winners) and plan to launch tools which allow to not only build on top of our network (or social graph as some call it) and functionality, but also enable inter-operability between sites, to access our network and features for external builds, and above all foster deep coperation between sites, individuals and organisations.

Would love to chat more about all this/exchange ideas :)

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