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Hi David, this is all interesting and I'll see if I can get to the April event. If not, a Newman Arms session sounds good. (or for a change from the London scene, you're all welcome to visit our wee village pub here in Devon!)
In my workshop earlier this week, with supporting organisations with getting going with a website, the web 2.0 / social media interactive conversations via the web was too much for some to handle.
Oddly enough, it was the newest smallest fledgling groups who were the most receptive to this new way of working and connecting with members and potential stakeholders. For the larger well established organisations it would mean a seismic shift in behaviour and approach to communications but willing to allocate capacity to develop their own approach if they could encourage wider involvement and acceptance across the organisation, and the small - medium sized organisations running and growing steadily for a couple of years were the ones, that most probably have always had issues with their ICT controlling them, rather than them being in control. It was that section of my workshop participants that found modern fangled media too much to take on board instantly, although all said they would consider it and seek to implement those forms that could be relevant and purposeful practices with it in future strategies.

As a 'circuit rider' and freelance web dev, I can enthuse and show examples of social media good practice, but if it's to an organisation that in it's everyday existence hasn't the capacity to take part in extra communications and struggles with it's day to day existence which many if not most do, we have to be mindful of that. And also to be there for them being ready to support if and when they are ready. Like they say about addiction, you can only be helped when you are ready to be helped! Very much the same at times when taking on experiences new ways of using technologies which could potentially have a big impact on their way of working.

Laura - great reality checks! Maybe organisations need baby steps from where they are to where they might get with social media.
In the social media game - here at last year's CR conference - we asked people to invent a scenario, then jump to tools they might use. The scenario may be the organisation and its communication needs/challenges. It is then a big jump to introduce a whole package of social media. Maybe the priority should be - within a broader vision - to identify the needs that could be most easily fulfilled by some social media adoption. Then people get the confidence to move further. I'm probably describing what you do anyway ...:-)

Like in the discussions we've been having on this, it's identifying the need, purpose and also relevance (much needed especially in mid sized organisation to enable full involvement of all,rather than being left to one person to fulfil), then finding the right tools to help them to achieve their goals.
Think we can pull some of this into our presentation at the CR event coming up soon.

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I second Laura's desire to see a Devon retreat / meetup :)

re Steve's comment - Bristol is a good location too for many - unless everyone (and really welcomed too) would like to come down to lovely Devon! I'd really like to see more events taking place out of the Londonsphere to enable wider participation and involvement. New ideas, new inspiration, new conversations...

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