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Ah ha... I was at the Barcamp... did meet Fraser... who did mention the symposium (what the hell is a symposium, anyway). Fraser is jolly decent, but did mention the event in terms of me possibly speaking... but then nothing till I, too, received the aforementioned email from Susie Ruston. Sigh.

Have a belter of a session at the Circuit Rider gig, David et al.

Thanks Steve ... I didn't hear from Susie. Clearly I'm not on The List.
We'll be cranking up for CR over here

On the issue of transparency online, in a third sector context, the Give Well episode has been fairly instructive (or destructive, depending on your point of view.

See Transparency and Giving Well

Thanks Nick - I love the way these conversations strike off on a tangent ... well, not really a tangent at all because as you indicate it's all about transparency and trust. I don't know what happened between Fraser and his PR company, but while I would trust Fraser having met him a few times, I'll be pretty cautious about anything from the PR company.
Well, I would anyway. I went to an excellent lecture at RSA yesterday where Nick Davies was telling us about his exploration of the impact of PR companies on journalism, in his book Flat Earth News. Nothing new in the charge, but he convinced me of the scale of the impact.
It used to be you could filter the PR spam by binning the press releases ... now they seem to be getting more and more emaily and pretend-conversational. Gaahhh!

I'm a little disappointed not to be spammed by Susie either. Heh I get spam from PR companies normally [http://tinyurl.com/2rmded]. It amazes me that PR professionals (sic) seem to miss the point and not realise that faux pas resonate across the Live Web. Just follow these comments guys.

Thanks Paul ... nice post. I got an apologetic email from Susie after my post, and so invited her to join in the conversation here. Waiting hopefully.

A related tangent. Just in case you get stuff you don't want and it originates in the UK, you could try reminding senders of the regs detailed at The Information Commissioner's Office


Has worked well with some of the UK spammers/PR/junk mailers I've had to contend with.

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