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Lovely summary of a marvellous day, David. It brought everyone together and hopefully some new, joined up ways of working - between those outside of government as well as within - will be the result.

Yeh good summary David. I think we outside whitehall need to be careful here. Particularly the smaller freelance operations have to scrape a living and Gov shouldn't feel as though they can take advantage of our goodwill, enthusiasm and public spiritedness. Gov does have budgets for training and consultancies outside of big tenders et al. We have real value to add and good value, value at that. I've nothing against informal meetings, chats et al but Gov in general and particularly those with the vision who are on the inside and on the payrolls should demand that there is money to pay for that external advice. They're bosses need to see that this is something to invest in with real ROI and those of us who live off our advice can feel valued, able to contribute as professionals... oh and pay the bills.


This is a very helpful summary for someone north of the border who could not be there.

How do you think you might be able to show the Permanent Secretaries in Cabinet Office, Centre of Information, Government Communications that there is something worth supporting here ?

Are there any plans to publicise the event through ( for example ) the Guardian IT section on a Thursday ? A week or two ago, there was the Archives bar-camp and lots about mysociety.

Dave, Paul, Alex - variously thanks! May be worth tossing these ideas and queries in to he Google group until there is anything else available. Usual thing, great igh on the day, but difficult to figure out what next. Anyway, Jeremy deserves a rest!

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