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Hi David, this is great news, and sorry could not have been there. I really would like to be involved in this and fully support it's development. Keep me in the loop with developments! I really feel this is what we need to progress further over here.

I'm so excited! Thanks for the video blog post too - it's almost like being there.

Beth - knew you would spread the word! Relying on you for more innovative US-UK-and other connections

As the social web knows no boundries i'm sure this can be carried around the country.
This community of UK based bloggers is connecting, but randomly by email, twitter and facebook wall posts. Tags and groups will help bring this together. I've been using nptechuk (kinda nice ring to it - credit to Beth!).
Just been adding an event to Upcoming.org, low level of interest in the UK - huge amount in the US!
and for a while will help posk ainformallyWhat is needed is on online tag

Thanks Paul - forgot nptechuk and now added that. Maybe connecting conversations is one of the first things N2 UK could look at.

Hi David - sorry to have missed this. Nathalie M is an SSE Fellow, and is doing some great work in this field. Also worth mentioning is another SSE Fellow, Jude Habib, at Sounddelivery.co.uk Also helps with your gender balance....

Aside from that, there's much going on in the social entrepreneurship and enterprise field in this area....

A crucial thing to emerge for me, that was mentioned by several people last night, was the need for an event to attract all the key players (not just those of us who are already excited about this stuff). We want revolution - completely new models and ways of doing things and new people - but we also need evolution. So we need the CEOs, the Trustees etc as well. The huge monolithic 3rd sector structures that we have, need to be shown how this new world of technology can help them transform into more effective engines of change. Thinks . . . . isn't this similar to what IBM (and the likes in the private sector) had to do to remain relevant 2 or 3 decades ago?

There's now a Facebook group Netsquared - Newman Arms

Great write up! Would it be helpful to have a UK NetSquared Meetup group:

Let me know.

Thanks Britt, we talked a bit around that. How would it work?

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