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you know David, I really appreciate the manner in which, and the effect that is created by, you make sense of things. This isn't particularly related to this post, but...

Top marks. Thanks.

David, someone on Slugger hass just mentioned (I missed it completely), that it is 'ball not man', rather than 'man not ball'.

Oops - thanks Mick. Corrected.

Hi, pretty interesting info here!

First of all,I m Michael, a Design student from Chile (Southamerica). I m working in a proyect wich involves participatory design and motion graphics (for a local Community TV ). So I wonder if you know about any designer interested in exchanging points of view, experiences and opinions about this sorts of proyects, because there are no previous design experiences like this one (participatory design) here in Chile...

Thanks for your time and sorry if this wasn t the proper way for asking.

Michael Consolo

Thanks Michael - all comments and inquiries welcome! Can you tell us a little more about the project?

I really like the analogy of the blog and a good pub. I also liken a good blog to the warm conversation found at Floyd's Barber Shop on the old Andy Griffith television show!

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