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Interesting stuff. Sounds very similar to the concerns being expressed by members of another institution that Matthew will be familiar with.

Having done a bit of work with the RSA on one of their projects I have to say I've been really impressed with what I've seen.

And perhaps that part of the problem; with 26,000 Fellows it's going to be very difficult to feel you as an individual member are as engaged as you might be in driving the organisation along.

In part that's what I liked about Matthew's final idea in the post you point to; where he asks how you/they could do something practical in your neighbourhood to increase the chances of my children going to a comprehensive school. It's in the practical local development and application of ideas that Fellows are likely to see their involvement in the organisation become more than belonging to a club.

Whether Matthew's got the right issue or whether there are others that vex members more is an open question, but the direction of travel seems right to me.

Andrew - I agree about the benefit of starting with member's interests and concerns. Working out, with members, how best to achieve that could be a good route. Personally I think it is more likely to be effective if the stance is "how can the RSA help you..." rather than "here's what's important for you to do ..." At best it could be a balance of inspiration and support.

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