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The outcome of this will be really interesting. I hope we haven't reached our second final just to participate!

Our chances, I guess, are all down to what the New Statesman wants to achieve through these awards. What we have going for us is that we have demonstrated a completely new way of bidding for Government tenders which is open and involves those who will be ultimately affected when the contract is awarded. Just as important, the process we used is within the reach of anybody. Sure, you need the technical skills but you don't need thousands and thousands of pounds.

I gave my first presentation on the OI process last week and the response was incredibly enthusiastic. A women from an agency that delivers services (under contract) to a muslim community said that this process would remove the suspicion that "always surrounds the awarding of a contract". Another participant (an open source programming expert) said that this approach was not limited to the voluntary sector bidding for Government contract but had a wider application.

I've got my fingers crossed!

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