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Hi David,
It was great meeting you too yesterday and thanks for the blog entry and video. Just a small comment in your blog you mention "You will soon be able to interview your waiter or waitress (if they are willing) and load that to the site", actually what I was meant to say was that when people are video blogging a place they may wish to interview the waiter or waitress. It isn't something we're encouraging nor is it a specific feature of the site but members may do it out of their own choice. At the moment members are passionately reviewing their favourite places, food, and drinks. We expect this to continue as we start introducing new ways for them to create their own content.
Hope to see you all on TrustedPlaces and reading about your favourite places!


Hope you enjoyed the day, david - and once again sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you (I was kind of on PR duty for NMK)!

I think the day was a nice mix of big ideas/projects from keynotes and a slew of really smart, community focussed ideas/projects. Will definitely meet you at some point!

Thanks Simon, and yes an interesting mix. Personally I would have liked it to be a bit more participative ... bigger/informative name badges, hosting, encouragement to table talk, user generated content ...
There's a challenge for next year: what is conference/forum like when it is modelled on web 2.0? Problem is everyone would expect it to be free :-)

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