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Should we wait to see if the "real" IE bid is successful before looking at a Second World one ?

If it wins, I would fully support a real world IE for that section of the community who like using the web, and considering a Second Life one for children / youngsters and others who are better engaged with the Second World.

The next issue is how to design an IE for that section of the community who do not have the Web. At the GC Exhibition, William Heath and colleagues were running the public office project ( a great idea )


However people were commenting that the really needy public service user often does not have access to the internet. How do we reach them if we folks are talking about Web 2.0 and Second Life ?

Quite agree Alex. Just getting carried away with the headline as usual.
In our interview we did put a lot of emphasis on not-online, and your point about how service users may be involved is crucial.

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