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Hi David

The thumbnail does not come up and I can't see the picture. Wouldn't mind reproducing it on OurKingdom so would like to know how to get to it.

many thanks

The UCKOD "archives" are a bit light, so if there's anything that you still have in your posession that you think should be catalogued, stored and kept then do please get in touch with me.

We're flattered to be associated with your groundbreaking work and are very greatful for the opportunities that standing on your shoulders has given us.


James Cronin.
(current) Chair UK Citizens Online Democracy

I think we need to take democracy even further...


What do you think? Should we give democracy a chance on the global scale?


In view of currrent Chair's comment above I thought worth noting down the following, not least because it might encourage some of them to post!

The original guarantors of UKCOD in November 1996 were:

Manar Hussain
Horace Mitchell
Adrian Norman
Craig Pickup
Bryan Pyne
Iriving Rappaport
Ray Sheath
Richard Stubbs
Dane Wright

Irving never became a Director as he was a paid officer and for him to be a director would have undermined our bid for charitable status. The rest became directors in Nov '06 as did Stephen Coleman. Scott Aikens
and Wendy Thomson became members in '98 albeit they were actively involved before this.

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