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I'm not sure that being in the network is enough either. You have to offer more than a Facebook account to breach the devide between politicians and the electorate.

The growth of more direct involvment in the decisions that have traditionally been the preserve of politicians may work for those already engaged in the issues - and that's definately worthwhile in itself - but I suspect that there's still the problem of those who don't see politics touching their lives at all.

I think that politicians and our parties have to find a broader reconnection with wider society. I think that Gordon Brown is starting to articulate where that re-imagination might take us:

Brown believes the days of political parties as "small organisations of people who are accused of talking to themselves" are over. In future, constituency parties will become local hubs, building links with other networks and groups, and using new technology to reach out way beyond their usual supporters.
But its there getting there that'll be quite an interesting struggle.

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