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David - some really good ideas here. Will look at this game in more details for what I'm currently doing in building a cross-sector community for the Further Education system. It's more to do with business change management rather than e-learning, but the same collaboration principles apply.

This is brilliant! I love how you clarify this and remix your own work.

David, you've been on my blogroll for a long while, so it's a privilege to find you using my PLE diagram! I am currently designing a Citizens Jury in a local participatory planning context and considering using a simple game to help them consolidate their learning and articulate their values. Thank you for sharing your ideas!

A professional article of E-learning.
As an e-learning tools provider(PPT2FLASH,PPT2DVD) I totally agreen with your opinions of E-learning and web 2.0

From Mark Brown
PowerPoint to Flash for E-learning LMS

Very Timely David as Becta has just announced their Web 2.0 tender - definitely like the ideas in this good stuff.

Very informative post. Thanks for the info.

I would appreciate you reading my rough drafts for publication and giving me your opinion as well. Especially on the one entitled: "For Costumizable Learing Environments" which seems to be your area of expertise.

Thank you so much.


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