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Thanks for the post, David. Plus you've made some really interesting points into the bargain. I had planned to meet Ross Ferguson from the Hansard Society at that last RSA event but, alas, no name tags so I'm left with a roomful of people from which to take a lucky dip! Result? Didn't hook up :(

Surely the answer to all this 'will you be there?' stuff is Upcoming where people can sy they are going or watching? http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/164737/ (see also http://www.vecosys.com/2007/04/13/10-reasons-to-come-to-nmk-forum/ )

Thanks Mike - yes of course upcoming does the 'will you be there'. I will be!

There is indeed risk in everything. For this particular situation, the main concern is will the people involved actually present themselves or just stay in the shadows? There should be that guarantee of presence.

Hi David,

Nice post.

"I'll be there if you will" - great idea (although as pointed out above, Upcoming does it approximately) - sounds like an idea I had for an email-driven app called "lunch?" :)



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