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Glad to be of service. I've reduced my footprint by sitting on the couch with Spooks all day. ;-)

Nice piece. I read somewhere that Londoners walk more than anyone else in the country. You may also be interested in the anarchist art of the derive. Set off on a walk without a destination in mind. Take unfamiliar turns. Observe and delight in that which reveals itself. In particular look up.

Carl - love it. Practical advice: must you derive alone? If with others, how do you decide which way to go? Are photos and Flickr streams allowed? If so, will there be any disputation about the tag?

David - the short answer is there are no rules! Play with it. Go alone. Go in a mob. Have multiple tags. And tag-alongs!

see http://www.mountain7.co.uk/m_blog/index.php?/archives/354-Wrights-Sites-A-Mis-Guide-to-Anywhere.html
for a more recent take on it. Couldn't access www.mis-guide.com.

And of course, you can do it on line. Surfing's answer to automatic writing.....

Nice post. Just thought I'd point out a further walking-in-London resource: Legible London http://www.legiblelondon.info/

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