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It was great to see my co-workers form Sunderland win the challenge. On a personal note I think its worth pointing out that all those involved in the 10 bids put a great deal of time and effort into the mountain of work needed to complete a bid.

I think it just shows how much can be achieved through ICT and that local government and its partners are full of good hardworking people.

Hi Chris - thanks for that.. and I agree that one of the great things about Digital Challenge is that it brings out the best in people (and the best people)

Is there a Sunderland project blog?

i have been following you progress vis the internet, i work for a regeneration project are putting together there own ccb project at the moment and would be greatfull for any good parctice assistance you would be able to offer in this field

Russ - the planning games over at http://www.usefulgames.co.uk might help

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