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Don't worry David, I'll be there in 'official' social reporter mode :)

Thanks Lloyd - as I noticed over here it doesn't hurt to concentrate on commenting and give blogging a rest

david - i'm sorry that we didn't get a chance to talk yesterday. it was still going strong when I left and credit to steve for pulling together such an interesting crowd. i'm at heathrow now on my way to the highlands and islands to see how they network their digital media companies in the least populated region in western europe. roland

Hey David - it was great to finally see you in all your 3D glory!

I had to leave the party early, to, um, go to another party, so didn't get nearly enough time to talk to anyone/everyone. I thought it was really interesting that the participant themes and conserns (while I was there anyhow) seemed to reflect the process so closely - particularly questions about structure and structurlessness.

I think we should all do it again, soon. Maybe over something community focused? best, Josie.

Good to meet you too Josie! Next week I'm working on a wiki carnival which should throw up more ideas and contacts. Any help welcome on that and more thoughts on a get together. What focus? Mine would be social media and collaboration ... particularly for social benefit, but hey, all open thinkers welcome.

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