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My experience of STOs from my time as a councillor in Lewisham suggests that while some level of reform would be useful we need to be careful that we don't throw out the baby with the bath water.

STOs and umbrella organisations provide a useful strategic resource for councils and for the local voluntary and community sector, creating capacity that would be hard to justify at the first tier.

Just being able to, or organise for someone from the sector to, attend meetings and provide a conduit to a wider understanding of the needs and aspirations of the local scene is good for both sides.

I guess there will continue to be questions about accountability and the nature of the engagement, but I'd suggest tweaking rather than sucking the money out of the STOs.

I'd agree with Andrew largely. As I pointed out in my comments on this, there were some interesting comments about how large and small STOs get funding, but medium ones suffer; about how small organisations feel that larger agencies/funders decide what they "need"; and that credible and skilled support is hugely valued.

So there are some important points about representation, credibility of support, the black hole of medium-sized organisations etc. Not just the tabloid "cut them back" as it seems to have been reported...

[disclaimer: SSE is funded by City P, and featured in the report as an example of good practice]

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Thanks Ahmed - what ways have you looked at for people in other countries to help?

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