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I really appreciate you sharing the presentation and thinking on this topic.... I would have liked to attend the conference but it was a bit too far to come by carbon dioxide emission friendly transport from Wellington, NZ.

The city council here have funded web hosting for community and voluntary groups for many years and as part of a cyclical review (3 yearly) they're asking is this all you do? Well, no but even if it was I believe supporting over 600 organisation to have a free website and access to support is brilliant. However, we do need to take some more steps to promoting more powerful use of the Internet. We're doing some blue sky thinking on extensions/innovations on services offered", and I think using social networking tools are the way to go.

We're just beginning this conversation so I'll be watching what's happening in the UK with interest.



I'm still in catch up mode -- but this conversation thread is fascinating. I wonder what our colleagues Nick, Miles, Paul, Paul, Steve, Susie, and others think?

Stephen: Do you have a blog? Would love to know more about your project and the issues/challenges/opportunities.

I think Bev is on to the issue.

What are the transition points for orgs from their older ways to new ways? What of the old should be preserved and how does it mesh with the new.

Classic change issues! ;-) Technology is changing faster than our orgs can. That's the juggling challenge!

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