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Hi David,

Great post.. I think Thompson's article is a useful in-depth look at the utility of wiki's in government, and specifically for the Intel Community.

I don't know if this would be of interest here, but I recently wrote a short piece for the Washington Examiner on this topic.

The URL (a messy one) can be found doing Google News search on "Intellipedia".

Hope all is well in the UK,


I think David Weinberger is right to be worried, especially in relation to Web2.0.
See, for example, the New Scientist article Pentagon sets its sights on social networking websites or my blog post on the surveillance of social software.

However, everything has it's shadow side (as Jung would have pointed out) and i think the potential of Web2.0 for the positive defence of human rights probably outweighs the dangers. i hope to be posting more about these positive examples soon.


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