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David, I want to publicly thank you for your input during the writing process! IT mattered!

I think there's at least one other kind of blog community...and it's geographical - based around a city or a state, with people who really act as a community - sometimes meeting up, sometimes not. I don't think I've seen this in the UK (yet) but I've certainly seen it in the US. Sometimes these were started around an influential individual - but have carried on.

Great and very timely post for me. Thanks David!

Duh--just realized that this isn't a new one. I found it in my de.licio.us feed at a time when I really needed it. Thanks for writing it though so it could show up there. :-)

Hah - must be psychic. I just spend the last hour or so re-reading your excellent posts of last year on Netgains, networking and nonprofits, because of a contribution I'm making to a seminar, about membership, social media and networks. Then there's all the stuff about RSA and networking.
Have any of your observations/ideas filtered through?
The challenge for the RSA is how to connect an existing membership to social media and networking, and then to action for civic innovation. I'm wondering if that's too many jumps.
Did you see this from Dan McQillan?

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