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David, thanks for mentioning We Have Always Done It That Way. My colleagues and I are extremely grateful for that.

I agree with your assessment that many associations and membership non-profits do not fully appreciate the quantum shift that is underway on the Web and, even more troubling, many simply want to pretend it will go away. They are in for a rude awakening, and what makes this particularly frustrating is the very tools that associations can use to create and sustain relationships more easily and cost-effectively seem to engender the greatest fears.

Obviously there is much work to be done and I hope you will continue to blog on these questions. My co-authors and I hope that our book will spark a new conversation on the challenges we face, and we encourage you and your readers to be a part of it. Thanks again!

Thanks David, interesting and useful ideas. It is something that I'd like to pick up on in a report I'm just starting on ICT and social networks (and the implications for voluntary action). I'll definitely be picking your brain at a later date if possible!

If you have any thoughts on our emerging ideas it would be great to hear them - http://www.ncvo-networks.org.uk/blogs/ictforesight/2006/08/15/developing-networks-implications-for-vcos/

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