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I was over at the sector database conference elsewhere at the time - see my blog at www.charityblog.org.uk. The problems of lack of technical expertise of course came up - most dealing with databases appeared to be 'accidental techies'.

I've been trying to locate any charity related blogs in the UK for the last few weeks, with minimal success (other than a couple of rants giving a very poor impression of the sector). Have you any notes of where the few who said they were blogging reside? See open.charityblog.org.uk for current short list!

John Howes @V olResource

John - sorry, can't offer any more bloggers. It was just a show of hands at the session. I think we need a blogging get-together, real and/or virtual, started by a small group comparing notes. I know a few other interested people, so will get started. Suggestions welcome here or on John's blog, of course

Hi, I'd be interested in this discussion. I've been blogging for my charity the Drug Education Forum for the last year and a bit.

I've been using it to keep the sector (and anyone else interested) up to date with news and research that I think is of interest.

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