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Hi David

If you take "there" as being a typo on their part then the extract makes (more) sense. I think that this should have read "their", referring to the proposals contained in the ACU Strategic Funding Review consultation.

Amazing how a slip of the hand (if we are being kind) or an inability to distinguish between homophones can render such a wonderful piece of prose into gibberish...


Hi Mick - agreed on the typo. The other thing that struck me is how important it is these days for people authoring content on the web to make first paragraphs fairly self-contained and understandable. Otherwise, when picked up by a news service like xPRESS, blogged, and maybe read through a newsreader they don't make sense because there isn't context and explanation. All part of the new emerging conventions for web-blog writing I guess.


This is a great blog, congratulations!

Your quotation is crystal-clear, compared to some texts with a similar purpose I translate from Italian and French, though.

In case you wonder: I found your blog through your profile at the Digital Divide Network, http://www.digitaldivide.net/profile/davidwilcox (which I found through the last entry in your other blog there)

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