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I too was impressed with that small grid posted on Mopsos. Personally it was appealing to me because I've always been more interested in studying the exceptions and failures. But to my amazement, it's helped me break through a few barriers that I've been dealing with my work. Particularly trying to get people to understand that a community of practice has little to do with posting documents to a common website (though, of course a community can utilize such a resource well) and more about the interactions, relationships and trust amongst it's members.

In reflecting on what's happening to loosen up these otherwise frozen positions, I think it has something to do with holding up a mirror to the problem. I think that people have seen themselves in one of these blocking modes and don't quite care to think of themselves as blocking innovation. People are so used to playing the game of knowledge fortress or knowledge torch that they defend it even while wanting the environment it creates to be otherwise.

I hope this grid become the viral equivalent of Mad Sacred Cow Disease. The only solution then will be: BURN THEM! (the sacred cows, that is.)

Dave Lee

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