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Hi, David - as I seem to be obsessed with open source, especially for civil society organizations, here is the link for the just-released Open Source Primer on which the dotorg media article is based. It's published by NOSI, the Nonprofir Open Source Initiative in the US and is available for download at www.nosi.net. Below is the *official* blurb. Enjoy!


NOSI, the Nonprofit Open Source Initiative, announces the release of its new guide "Choosing and Using Open Source Software: A Primer for Nonprofits." It is available for download at http://www.nosi.net

Supported with a grant from the IBM International Foundation, the Primer describes open source software and its use in nonprofit organizations. Written in an accessible, non-technical language, the Primer is aimed at nonprofit managers and technology assistance providers who want to know more about open source software and how to deploy it effectively.

Choosing and Using Open Source Software includes:

* case-studies of nonprofits of various sizes that are using open source software;
* a process for evaluating whether or not open source is right for an organization;
* an overview of specific open source applications and steps to begin using them in an organization;
* and an overview of how to find support for open source software.

Here is what people are saying about the NOSI Primer:

"NOSI has developed a terrific resource that can help nonprofits everywhere understand the significance of the transition from proprietary software to open source."

"A marvelous resource - a must read for anyone even thinking about open source software. It's clear; it's concise; and it's filled with just the facts you need. Business has already jumped on the open source bandwagon. It's high-time nonprofits seriously considered the alternatives. Not too 'geeky' a read either. Get it. Read it."

"Choosing and Using Open Source Software: A Primer for Nonprofits" is released under the Creative Commons license which allows it to be freely copied. It is available for download at http://www.nosi.net. "Get it. Read it."

If you have any questions or comments, please be in touch.

Best Regards,


Katrin Verclas

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