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i thought that last night's lecture was excellent. my question is - surely there are social, political issues that weren't addressed in terms of who benefits from this new networked world? i've not read William J Mitchell's books so last new was my introduction to his thinking... and inspiring it was too. does he discuss access and exclusion at all? anyway, just ordered me++ do i look forward to being far more knowledgeable about him in the near future!

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Michelle Briggs and I am work at Petrarch's Bookshop in Tasmania Australia. I am trying to locate where I am able to purchase a book written by Mr Bill Mitchell, that was recently shown on the BBC television network in Australia.
The title is his new book: Me ++
A good customer of ours would like to purchase the book, and as of yet I have been unable to find the australian distributor of this book.
Any help you could give me, I would greatly appreciate, as we pride ourselves in locating hard to track books.

Many Thanks
Michelle Briggs
Petrarch's Bookshop
Launceston Tasmania
Australia 7250

ph: 03 63 318 088
fax: 03 63 315 063
email: petlau@bigpond.net.au

The publisher - MIT Press - is linked (but perhaps not too clearly) in the text of the blog item,
and I guess you would need to get in touch with them about an Australian distributor. Hope this helps.

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