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MySociety is now featured on BBCi as 'Hunt for Napster of Good causes'.
"Tom Steinberg, MySociety founder, said he wanted to try to find Napsters of civil life that, like the music-sharing system, prove enormously useful to people who want to get involved with their community or want to help make society better."
Aim high...

E-democracy champion Steven Clift suggests in his do-wire mailing list that dormant UK Citizens Online Democracy will act as charitable host for mySociety... which would be a fitting way for this 1996 pioneer of e-democracy, formerly led by Richard Stubbs, to re-awaken. Richard is now developing further leading-edge projects in Newham, including the Carpenters Estate Wired up Community

The Guardian blog reported the launch of mySociety on December 3 There's a full list of project ideas

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