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Fascinating stuff David - was sorry to miss the debate. I just checked out the promo video and sparked off an idea (how apt)around this notion that somehow collaboration should be good for democracy because more people have a voice. My concern is that more people have access to voice thanks to the web - but who is currently listening?

Another problematic related issue is around - sure, more people have access to this stuff than ever, but is there just a continuation of the trend towards an empowerment gap despite this new more democratised access to technology and 'voice'. You have to be empowered as an individual to participate effectively - social inequalities may well be being reinforced through the web rather than bridged.

Thanks Alice - this kinda cross-refers to points I think you were making in your Guardian piece with Richard, which I've just referenced here.
I think you are right. The web may be divisive unless there is a blending and integration of different media and places for discussion and collaboration ... and that takes a lot of time and effort.

Thanks David for a very comprehensive summary. I was surprised at how much the 2 speakers agreed on and slightly dissappointed as I was hoping for more bite though that was left to our twittering friends in the audience. Roland

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