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Many thanks for your kind words about my appointment, about which I'm hugely excited. Naturally, the Innovation Exchange can only be a success with the help of you and your readers, so I am really looking forward to working together in the coming months.

I am conscious, as you say, that my appointment could seem 'inward-looking'. While the Cabinet Office put me through a tough probity process - so that at my final interview I sat across from fully six hard-staring interviewers - I'm conscious that it was somewhat invisible. Suffice to say that, as you imply, I am delighted to be returning to the third sector. I have fully resigned from the civil service (yes, pension scheme included), but I know that as far as losing the insider tag, the proof will be in my practice. John

John - I hope the innovative and encouraging style you managed within the civil service will flourish further at the Exchange!

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