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David, this is a fabulous idea and I commend all of you for being willing to take the risk and do something differently. I blogged about it and I'm heading over to the site now to register. I'll be excited to see where this all lands.

I too am cynical but ... I will post here an idea I have been harping on about for some time, who knows ...
I think that voluntary and community groups could benefit enormously from a solid accounting system that reflected their project based business model (notably multiple funding and reporting streams). Ideally this would take an existing open source package and enhance it, although well respected OS Accounts packages are not too common!
I'd like to see further extensions to include proper accounting for "in-kind" resources, having financial profiles (standard reports / open standards / meta data / passporting) defined to ease funding applications and similarly standard project accounting reports for funding bodies - all agreed with the major funders.
I know others are interested in this but it may not be innovative enough - no high technology, but it would make a difference!
Thanks for setting this up David.

I agree.

There was a project at BVSC and MOST that allowed projects to account for funding via various streams.

There is payroll software just released. Its statistics are the most respectable! http://www.paythyme.com/

Your suggestions for Open Standards in funding are excellent. Indeed this is a general area that is being debated at the moment.


This is new. This is different - for the UK! I'd love to make a contribution. In the meantime, you should;

1. Take a look at the work of Andrius Kulikauskas for inspiration. IMHO the world expert on "thinking openly" and "working openly". Minciu Sodas Lab.

2. Look through Michel Bauwens work at P2P Foundation - again, another (largely unrecognised) world expert on p2p production.

More soon.

David, Simon et al.

You may like to take advantage of hubtag (free) which allows people to create multi-stakeholder multi-platform content feeds - ideal for consultations, idea brain storming where you have lots of different organisations all using different technical platforms. Perfect for government apps.

All you need to do is choose a tag like openinex (as you have done) and market it to everyone then the hubtag feed brings stuff together whether it be youtube, photos or blog:

www.hubtag.com/openinex.rss (view as rss)
www.hubtag.com/openinex.view (view as html)
www.hubtag.com/openinex.m (view via mobile phone)
www.hubtag.com/openinex to get tips for promoting and using your tag.

Good luck with the bid.

Toby Beresford
HubTag and MicroAid Projects

Leon, Thank you for your thoughtful mention! You are one of the very few business leaders with insight on how to bridge our worlds. Franz Nahrada of our Global Villages working group http://www.globalvillages.info is also a great fan of Michel Bauwens and has linked us up. David, perhaps we might connect? I love that you have posted your proposal: http://www.innovationexchange.net/final_version I'm currently working on a proposal to create software infrastructure to include those with marginal Internet access so they might better participate. We're having a chat on August 9th, 2007, 2:30 pm London time. http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?Offline

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