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David, we sat next to each other at the event! I think you have captured the talk and aftermath very well. It just shows how much the timing and the buzz that something generates can help to propel the speaker and the talk.

As my post-talk research, I went to check some of the facts quoted in GEorge Osborne's speech. His retorical question, for instance, on Tom Anderson's friends - well they are out by 36 Million at the latest count! So, his researchers did not check it recently.

Also, The Open Source Academy has been up and running for a while ( http://www.opensourceacademy.gov.uk/) indicating that the Government has taken a lead - this from Omar who was co-author with Geoff Mulgan of Wide Open report on Open Source for Demos in 2005.

As for Tory MP bloggers - Theresa May's last entry is December 19th, David Davies (wait, this is young MP from Monmounth) on February 18th, Ed Vaizey (a regular and interesting blogger)on March 7, and best of all Nadine Dorries (as good as Wife from the North) on March 9). Interestingly, front bench Tories are not bloggers and neither is the young one from Silicon Fen!

Could it be just a lot of hot air and riding on coat tails of helpers. Them and us still pertains in Conservative land.

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