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That's a great glossary and I can imagine it being really useful. Well done!

Thanks for this work, David. I've previously thought about non-techie visitors to my website, and how I might help them better. This glossary is definitely a step in the right direction, and I'm considering adding it as a glossary link across my site. Well done. And thanks for sharing it with the world via Creative Commons!

Greaty reference for anybody David!

Under crowdsourcing you have defined the crowdsourcer’s as volunteers! I wonder if that is really the case or the truest definition. What would be the difference if payment was part of the relationship? Isn’t the emphasis on the peripheral (crowd,) large number, and as you stated, external to the organization? How could CS be better defined? Alan.


just a note of appreciation for pulling all this together. I can see this being a definitive reference source. On a related point, we were mulling over the possibility of doing a glossary of local government terms in my previous role at the IDeA (Head of Knowledge). I think I may try and ressurect this if I can generate enough interest.

Steve Dale

Very interesting and useful. Thanks. I think I'll blogroll you if that's ok

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