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Hello David

There are issues going on in Lewisham that are vital to the future of lewisham yet seem to be pushed to the back of the table.

I'm involved with a number of residents who are opposed to the Lewisham Gateway scheme as it stands at the moment.

Apart from a number of areas of concern, what may have started out as 'regenaration' and was taken up by a number of groups who had an idea that this may improve the centre of Lewisham (open up the waterways, provide more green space etc etc) has now descended into a developers feast to see how much money they can make out of the development and how high they can build the tower blocks to make a profit – and lets be in no doubt about this – at the expense of the residents and users of Lewisham.

It is a complex subject that requires effort to understand and be involved, an effort we, as residents, and not members of a political party, are prepared to make.

We are prepared to make this effort because we believe we are looking after the interests of Lewisham (in our own small way), and we are continually coming up against bureaucratic brick walls that need to be challenged.

So, what about us?

What about the people who don't want to affiliate themselves with a party – any party – that will gobble up our beliefs and put them into the 'regeneration' pot. (The same regeneration pot that has granted Manchester of "super casino")

Anyway, please visit our website at www.lewishamgateway.org.

Richard Proctor

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