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David - your e-dem posts (not just this one) sent me back to Stephen Coleman's 2005 ippr paper on conversational democracy (for which Matthew Taylor wrote the foreword). I find this:
'As well as leading and reflecting public opinion, contemporary politicians need to be skilled facilitators, capable of recognising, encouraging and summarising the diverse and disparate voices of the increasingly confident and articulate public.'
It ties in happily with some of your posts about facilitation. But what it prompts me to ask is who, with these kinds of skills, would go into politics? (And then I thought, perhaps the notion of 'going into' politics - politics as vocation - might be part of the mistake, outmoded in the new form of engaged democracy to which, hopefully, we are moving...? Perhaps democracy in the future, characterised by a more conversational relationship between citizen and representative, will not require such a heavy emphasis on vocational orientation, and skilled facilitators have a really significant part to play in that...)

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