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Hi David

What a wonderful blog. Yes of course and obviously if engagement works for business and industry, it will also work for other parts of society. Now that I've read your blog I feel bad we didn't cover other eg government and societal aspects anywhere enough in our book, focusing more on the glitzy Coca Colas, Audis and Nokias of the world. Sorry :-)

I will post a link from our blogsite where we discuss matters relating to the book. Your readers are most welcome to visit us at our home and share thoughts there. We look at the areas covering digital convergence, the future of media and advertising, and obviously the engagement marketing issues, as in our book, Communities Dominate Brands.

If anyone of your readers would like to read the first chapter of that book, please visit our blogsite or the publisher's website and you can request the pdf file as a return e-mail. The book has had a remarkably warm reception, such as just now a university professor in California said "all other books pale in comparison" and that he is assigning it as required reading for all of his students (he's a marketing professor obviously, ha-ha as this is a marketing book...)

Separately, please check out the brand new Oxford University discussion pages - that are free of course - where we have very lively debate already about matters around mobile telecoms and convergence. See link at my blogsite.

Finally, on a personal note - David you are obviously reading the book. If you'd be at all inclined to post a review of the book, we'd love to see what you thought of it, and we'll post links to that etc. So if you do post a review, please let us know.

our blogsite is www.communities-dominate.blogs.com and there are links to book reviews, ordering info, as well as six months of blog commentary since the book was released in March.. Please visit us :-)

Dominate !

Tomi T Ahonen :-)

PS check out Xtract Ltd of Finland for more info on Alpha Users, and yes, they have already looked into Alphas in government/society. Their website is www.xtract.info

One remarkable example I can think of is police and the mafia. Imagine if someone captures a known mafia gangster. He has a mobile phone (prepaid and no name). Just by tracking the Alpha User analysis around this one phone (using then a legitimate court order of course), the police can find out who all others are in the actual network around that one gangster. Makes no difference if this is the "godfather" or just a muscle-man on the fringes. Once you find one member of this community, an Alpha User analysis will identify ALL mobile phones that truly belong to that community.

The police can rapidly isolate the exact criminal community. Taking Alpha User analysis even further, the police can also identify the HIERARCHY of the criminal organisation. This is like the advent of finger printing to criminal investigations. or the advent of DNA. When we watch cop shows of the next decade, they will all talk about Alpha User analysis when the prosecutors and defense attorneys argue about evidence.

Yes, communities dominate, even here.

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