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Jonathan Glancey emailed me as below. Actually I liked the pictures/no bullets and agreed with much of what he said. Anyway I appreciate the response. David.

Jonathan wrote:
Many thanks for coming to the lecture yesterday evening and for your "blog" account of it.

Wow! you are as bitchy as any critic I have ever met! I never "sneer", never have, it isn't my style: but, there are time honoured ways of attacking humbug, hubris and sheer bad design . . . from irony to a full cannonade of rhetoric.

As for no "bullet points" with the pictures . . . the pictures, I had hoped, would tell their own story; you need only look to see what's wrong with the new "sustainable" housing. It's the argument of the eye, and one as equally important as anything abstract/ academic/quasi-academic or purely intellectual. I have attended a number of conferences at which "regen" people have banged on about partnerships/sustainability/consulatation without ever showing what they mean. There is indeed a streak of visual philistinism in England, and we need to counter it whenever possible

As for vision; yes, I stick by my guns; vision is something given to very few people; it means revelation, and I have yet to meet a regen chap with anything like vision; the rest of us try hard to see through the clouds of unreason and unknowing, often with little success. The word is much abused today

As for Frank Pick and public corporations and fine historic buses/tube stations/Georgian crescents, I use these as exemplars/paradigms of what we have and can achieve; there is no guarantee that what we do today is any better than what we did yesterday; progress is not linear; Ely cathedral is better than 90 per cent of English buildings erected since; the RT buses I showed crossing Westminster Bridge were, by common consent, very probaby the finest city buses ever built. Georgian terraces are not out of date; they remain excellent ways of using land economically, and of renewable design.

There were only two public corporations of the type I respect, LPTB (1933-48) and the BBC, which continues; neither had anything to do with poor housing/poor public services in the 1960s

We have 2,000 years of London history alone to learn from, as we have writers from 150 years ago to learn from, too. Of course I keep an eye out for the best new design/architecture and I publish as much of this as seems right in The Guardian. What I refuse to do is to be either a Panglossian neophiliac or to go along with bounder/philistines and placemen who want (a) as much profit as they can get, and (b) knighthoods etc

I'm riding my hobby-horses like Cobbett, Defoe, Swift, Ruskin or Nairn, but that, David, is what I do to alert people to the nonsense undermining the fabric of our towns and country under the smart name "regeneration"

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